8 thoughts on “Food for thought!

  1. Gokul

    Hi Ekta or Ektz..ts kinda tuf pronouncing ektz.
    thanx for dropping by..
    You’re going for Zinda?? Ok.. I get it.. you’re amused right now.. No wonder πŸ˜€
    Do write a review if u liked da film..
    So long..

  2. The Neurotic One

    Hi Ekta, this is the neurotic one. Wanted to get a domain of my own so wanted to know how much it cost you to buy a domain name and get this server space.

    Drop me a line at the email address. Cheers,

  3. Ektz

    @ Gokul, review will be up by tomorrow:) btw, i liked the movie.

    @S! nah. i have watched zinda now, and i really think that was a good movie πŸ˜€ but hey, i guess i’ve told you this on YM already, right:)

    @tony, yep the OLDEST trick!:)

    @the neurotic one, i’ve sent you the mail, do check it out.

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