Day 3 – Perfect First Date


Perfect First date. Makes me think of this one incident and nothing ever would come closer to becoming the best date of my life other than that one.

It happened years back, and it was with someone who I am today happily married to. 🙂 guess i have all the right reasons to be happy and married. 😀

although there were long months of talk over the phone before we had this date so technically it would not be the first one. but it was the very first time i was going to meet him. let me tell you what was so perfect about the date – it was simple and honest. there were no over hyped gestures – flowers – gifts etc but he was thoughtful in little details as to how do i like my food and drinks, how i like to spend my time, what kind of music i like to listen to. we did not do extravagant stuff like dining out / partying / etc but we connected – we sat together in private but special dinner date and we talked. and we talked some more. I was direct and he was honest in responding and there was this strange spark in the air. We did not need fireworks to announce it, it was evident with ever so slight touch of fingers here and there. we bonded. we made love with words and thats how our journey began. That day onwards , I knew he was the one. I still know he is the one for me. Its already 3 years down that date and I am more in love today than I was yesterday.

frankly, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from a first date and it was oh-so-perfect. well at least – perfect for me.

One thought on “Day 3 – Perfect First Date

  1. Oh this reminds me of my first date.. haha and Yeah, I got married to her in the end.

    We had met online actually first and then talked for few days, finally met at Mumbai University (Yea, we are kind of sad in selecting the places), I was running around with her to get her forms submitted, we sat for sometime in the car..

    We met for the 2nd time around a week after that, I think on that day, I had proposed her and then she said yes to me a week after that.. haha

    Crazy stuff but still cherish those days, happy to have got married to her.


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