7 thoughts on “Anniversery!

  1. Renjith says:

    hey why you have to tell us dear ..know all about ur pain from your early blogs..how the doc talked crap during the surgery and all…thanl god that episode is over..my dear friend and room mate had an an accident today…a dof jumped in front of his bike and he fell down..i was rt behind him on mine..reminded me of the roadrash falls…thanks got except for a few bruises he is fine..accidents are bad

  2. Ektz says:

    @ss, you gotta read back in my blogs for the last year entries. 🙂

    @ nithya, i had a few screws and all, but all removed now:)

    @ mitesh, yep i am. a living Ghost:D

    @ renjith, yeah i know:D

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