well, This was a picture outside a doctor’s clinic. When we went there for Pranav‘s checkup. Now the best thing about that pic was that, if u move your sight just a little down and right, you’d see something very amazing!! like this….


TAdda!!… May be this is an Indian mentality to do things they are not supposed to do. To remove shoes where it is required not to, and to not do it when needed!

What do you have to say?

2 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. shubham frnd…. the probs is not with the Indian Mentality but our Eyes…. or rathe rthe clarity of our Vision…….. It is very clear that the people who removed their shoes didn’t point the “DO NOT” part in the sign ……
    Anyway, thanx for getting us such a real Humourous Candid…. at least this proves that your vision is absolutely perfect!!!

  2. shubham

    Thanx for a great Cndid Ektz. !!
    The probs is not with the indian mentality but with the clarity of our vision..!! The people must have overlooked the “DO NOT” part written on the sign

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