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  1. Hello, I like your theme Aconyte very much, and using it. But there is a problem here, When we browse the site by Firefox the left control panel can not be close easily, it leaves a blank in the content area. I checked your original theme, it doesn’t either. So please check your theme again, and tell me what I can do . Thank you, man, and your grace design !

  2. the woman

    Birthday right? But I am not sure which was mentioned.. yours or your sis’s. Hmmm…

    Oh, and welcome back… so happy to see you.

  3. Ektz

    @ Deeps, thanks! 🙂

    @s, you always remember, dnt you? 😀 *hugss*

    @monkeyking, well, it does happen in firefox, yet it also goes away if u click on any other link on the page after that. i dnt know what it happens, and i cant even figure a solution to that yet!:D its an open source problem, lets see if one can find the solution to that bug.

    @woman, its of course my birthday, and not my sisters:)

  4. Ektz, Thank you for your comment in my blog. Of course I’d like to put the theme on wordpress.net. But I need your permission firstly, can I add my name together with yours at the foot area?

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