A need to Connect


You ever wondered if there’s somebody out there exactly like you?

A twin or a doppelganger?

The world’s always been fascinated by them.

In ancient times, doubleness was seen as a manifestation of the supernatural, an invention of the gods.

Twins have been invaluable in neuroscience because studying them gives us insight into how environmental behavior and genetics affect things like brain aging or addiction.

But twin stories touch us on a much deeper level.

Why is that?

Are we looking for a more perfect version of ourselves, the person we wish we were…
Or someone to share our consuming passions?

Maybe we’re looking for a soul mate, someone to complete our lives.

Whatever its genesis, the desire for a twin is an expression of our need to connect.

Because in this vast and sometimes overwhelming universe, only our relationships with other people can help us not to feel so… alone.

4 thoughts on “A need to Connect

  1. z

    Dont know about the twins theorey but am certain that there exists an opposite for all of us….somewhere.The fact that there may exist such a one..an anti-thesis is more appealing in many ways…after all unlike poles attract each other strongly while like poles……so give me a ” Black Swan ” anyday over a boring
    doppelganger.Life would be so much more exciting when that happens.

    much more exciting with the sparks that fly when

  2. Now a days every one needs a good friend who can company them. Everyone is bored from his/her life, but many are happy too. Mostly in India, Every boys want to make girl friend, and its a holy fact.

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