People have more than one dimensions to them selves, so do I.

I’m not always dark and brooding.
I’m not always tough and domineering.
I’m not always strange and searching.

I’m also normal, even though the word normal sounds really a cliche.

I enjoy humor, to a certain level. I enjoy life, to a certain level.


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  1. ss

    I guess thatz true for all of us..only the level are different for different people..btw I loved your new cam…wat’s the specs..

  2. level of living means what according to u. i know wat is life alll abt i think its abt fun n fun till now but hw it gonna change i never take so much headache coz i believe to live every moment to the fullest

  3. s!

    normal is a very relative word.. 😉

    and i agree with your sentiments above, i was surprised and yet glad to see you mortal sometimes 🙂

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