What One Incident Changed My Life?

I have been pondering over this question a lot these days and its safe to say that after 3 years of a particular incident that happened to me, I can definitely see how it changed me in myriad of ways.

Being diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 at the age of 30.

I was never the one who took life too seriously; Who took health too seriously. In my earlier years, I partied like any teenager, took risks like any 20 something. Never worried about the repercussions of those on my health.

Things changed the year I turned 30. It was scary, because suddenly you have the realisation that you are not as young as you think you are. You have crossed 1/3 of your lifespan ( hopefully if you make it to 90 ) or perhaps even half of it.

Even then, the seriousness of that fact hasn’t sunk in just yet.

It took me a random blood sugar test as a part of regular vitals check to be jolted awake though. Having a fasting blood glucose level of 294 mg/dl and later on the result of HbA1c test of 14% , the diagnosis was crystal clear.

Of course, With family history of diabetes, Having PCOS from years, And bad lifestyle habits had put me at higher risk, I still did not expect it at this early age.

I am still going through the stages of grief because of my diagnosis I guess. Surprisingly, at first, I was quick to accept the fact that I’d be living with this for as long as I breathe. A little bit of anger was there, But largely it was self criticism. How could I have let this happen?

Two stages were down, Three more to go.

I bargained with my self that If I make enough changes in my life, If I incorporate disciplined exercised regime, then everything would eventually be OK. It was difficult, for someone who enjoyed her sweets and chocolates, a sudden withdrawal from all sugary stuff affected me a lot. The good thing I did was to take up running as an exercise and it got me happy, healthier for that time being.

Exercise and Diet, Along with Medication, made the subsequent HbA1c tests go down to 8% and 7%.

There was a motivation in the beginning, to feel better, which made it easier to cut off sugar entirely at one go. But that motivation dwindled after 6–8 months. Even the running stopped due to the summer season that ended all outdoor running activities in my city. I took up yoga, that helped though I lacked the self discipline that was needed to be really helpful in long term. For a few months, I followed everyday. But that started to go down too.

I went into denial phase. There seemed a no end in sight for this fight. I was numb and in shock for a while. The reality of this disease hit me then far worse than when I was first diagnosed.

Health deteriorated and HbA1c went up again. This time leading me to Stress, Anxiety and a sort of depression. Physiological changes in the body had also made everything worse. Six months back health tests showed that I had severe lack of Vitamin D, Iron and Vitamin B12. Later on at a discussion with my doctor, we came to realise this could’ve been other way round too. Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked with elevated Anxiety and Stress. That could have led to higher cortisol levels and blood glucose. On top of it, I started waking up to terrible neck and shoulder pains.

My diet plan had gone awry as well. Because of the continuous pain, eating made me nauseous and I didn’t have enough energy to do anything. This affected my life, my relationships and my work. It was turning into a vicious cycle.

This was not how I wanted to continue living. Medicines helped big time with this. B12 injections, supplements for iron and Vitamin D first helped me get out of the fog of anxiety, stress and depression. Next I got onto better eating habits again. Then I took up meditation, which on most days is still quite calming. On other days I struggle to focus.

From last few months, I have taken up swimming too. Its helping me stay positive and lessen the anxiety. The biggest take away from this is that I’ve been successfully fighting my hydrophobia and that’s making me feel victorious. every single day.

2 months back, I finally found the determination to enrol in a Gym. That has added to the feel good factor after seeing the progress in terms of strength and stamina and I hope to continue with it for a long time.

Having been diagnosed a diabetic has changed me in many ways. I can clearly see there is a vast difference between a Before and After me.

I’ve had my days when the fight has proved to be too hard. But in the end, I’ve came out stronger, more self aware, more positive over all.

The biggest change has been to realise I have a unwavering resilience that helps me get back up on my feet every time I fall.


What can we learn from children…

Adults can learn from children the very thing they used to have but lose eventually after growing up.

Imagination. Sheer and Brilliant.

A few months back I came to realise this from my nephew Shlok who turned 5. He had gone to a Christmas party for kids his own age and had an interesting story to tell after he came back.

He explained how he fell from a sofa at the party.

Now, it wasn’t an extra-ordinary story about his acrobatics that landed him in a fall. It was as boring as one moment he was sitting, the next he was down. But the imagination with which he explained his fall, adding visual aids to his tale that made this uniquely creative.

So here is how it started. He was sitting on a sofa. OK, a bench actually. That piece of furniture didn’t have back support built in it, but rather it stood right next to a wall which moonlighted as the the back support. In my darling nephew’s words, he started out sitting in an “L” shape. something like this. ( pardon my awesome drawing skills! and no, that’s not a levitating bench! 😛 )

He leaned back onto the wall a little too much and bench shifted forward. Because, Newton’s third law. So the little guy now explained that he went from “L” shape to a sleeping “I” shape.

Now, the bench shifted even further away from the wall. The baby boy is now hanging between the wall and the bench. He now explains that he turned into a “U” shape at the end.

I don’t know about you but this just cracks me up everytime. His ordeal had ended in that hanging equilibrium but he managed to create an awesome story by using the shape of alphabets to tell me exactly how he fell in a heap.

Boy, did he get all the shapes correct!

Smart and imaginative young fellow he sure is. 🙂


About Failures and Success

Music affect me tremendously, specially when its soul stirring, mind blowing, and brilliantly worded all at the same time.

Today it was this track from TVF Pitchers that did it. ( just a side note – if you haven’t already, please watch the show at www.tvfplay.com – its awesome! )

The song is called – ” How you want to Leave ”

hold on still and the storm will pass
you’ve come so far you’ll surely last
lead the light and show the way
trust your heart not what they say

just think about how you want to leave
if you forget what you came here for
think about how you want to leave
if you forget what you came here for

everytime you’ve fallen down
you’ve picked your self up from the ground.
never a god came to save your soul
you saved your self,
yeah you did it all.

the road is not what you had in mind
you kept going on and you did your time
there will come a time and place
you’ll realize you won the race

just think about how you want to leave
if you forget what you came here for
think about how you want to leave
if you forget what you came here for

everytime you’ve fallen down
you’ve picked your self up from the ground.
never a god came to save your soul
you saved your self,
yeah you did it all.

And the message is so clear.

Just think about how you want to leave this world?



Happy Birthday to my younger sis Aagna, Who has always been like my sidekick if I am a super hero! She is chela to my Guru Ghantal. 🙂

All of us sisters associate with Powerpuff girls and she is the cute one – Bubbles. Like bubbles, she also used to carry a doll around when she was 5.

Anyways, Love you darling. You’ll always be the little girl to me even if you are going to be turning 30 in a few years 😛

Bubbles (23/365)


My ama-zica Goa weekend

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

That’s what came to my mind the moment I received a message from Naveen (Indiblogger) that said – I was shortlisted as one of the 60 bloggers being invited to Goa for Tata motors Zica launch event. I am usually a pretty introvert person who avoids most social gatherings, especially where I do not know anyone closely. Boredom is my nemesis and on top of it all, I am hesitant to approach strangers. But something made me say yes this time. Perhaps it was all about the attraction to Goa and the lure of driving on the scenic roads. My bags were already packed from the trip to Europe that I had just come back from on December 2, 2015. And so I left for the new adventure just three days later.

After an uneventful flight to Goa on morning of 5th Dec, the ride to the hotel was jam packed with action and adventure. A mishandled bag, Verbal banter on the phone with the guy whose bag one of our people had mistakenly carried with them – those were the few things that hailed the arrival of an exciting weekend that was in store for us.

Tata motors and Indiblogger Team was all set and ready to welcome us to Goa when we reached Hotel Alila Diwa. Post introduction and registration; we were lead to lunch while the teams expertly took care of our check in formalities. The lavish spread of lunch menu made sure we had the satisfaction of the mind as much as of the tummy.

I admit, it gets awkward to share a bed with stranger, but lucky for me, I hit it off pretty well right off the bat with my allotted roomie for the stay –Dr. Supriya Himanshu. A little siesta later, we were both fresh and aptly dressed to take on the Gonsua Beach.


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Today is the birthday of my dearest bestie Pranav. And this sketch is dedicated to him. I remember 15 years back, we used to call him Scrappy-doo for his innate optimism and willing to jump into any situation without fear. The association was pretty strong back then and even though he is matured enough to think twice before jumping into things, he still has this fearlessness that I absolutely admire. 🙂

Scrappy-Doo (22/365)


The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog!


Dog (21/365)


Spooky places are awesome to photograph. And ghosting has to happen in the shot to prove that 😛


Haunted Old Fort (20/365)


Love of Old (19/365)

Winters in Delhi are a sight to behold, truly. So there I was, aimlessly wandering about Lutyen’s Delhi, taking in the scenery in the quiet calm that’s only possible at 6am. Otherwise this place is plagued with glaring honks and whirr of vehicles. The weather was cool, the air – crisp, overflowing with fresh delicate scent of dew.

The most remarkable thing I came across was the aged yet striking building in the midst. It was perhaps regal in the old era; today it’s crumbling away at the edges, still retaining a part of the grandeur in its solitary standing. It’s unoccupied except for nesting birds, a stray puppy running about after a squirrel, and a non-paying tenant – an old security guard – that was sleeping on his tattered mattress on the porch.

There must be a story behind this building. It’s not been converted into a shopping complex or office like others. May be it once belonged to a very important person in Delhi’s history, perhaps India’s future was decided in that large hall. May be this building is now haunted.

I yearned to ask the security guard the tale of this ostensibly eyesore of a dwelling that I find peculiarly fascinating. But it’s pretty early to awaken the guard for my unbridled curiosity.

I walked away with a resolve to come back. After all, this puzzle is as entrancing as any.



It took a few days to finish this one. Busy weekend with a surprise visit from papa kept me away from finishing it. Finally did the coloring today. I love this animated character for the sole reason that in his movie, his journey is about finding peace within himself. 🙂

Ralph (18/365)